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Pest Extermination In San Diego, California

You can count on us at Countywide Pest Pros to provide you with excellence in pest control. The elimination of any insect or pest in San Diego County is only a call away! We specialize not only in all insects, but as well as; rodents, raccoons, possums, and skunks. We use Eco Cages with a trap door mechanism which allows us to relocate animals to a preserve or safe area.

Ant Control

We have the best material known to man to fight against any ant problem. Our materials are undetectable to the ants themselves and do not kill them right away. This allows the ant to carry the material back to the colony infecting the food and water supply killing the queen, the eggs, and all workers. In most cases, interior treatment is not required. Ants generally live on the outside and only invade the home to get the water, protein, and sugars the queen demands. If an interior treatment is necessary, we have gels and may use other methods of alleviating the problem without having to use spray chemicals. Most ant problems can easily be resolved the same day.


Spider Control

Spiders can be a deadly menace, especially a few types local to San Diego. They also can leave your house an unsightly mess with webs and dead insect carcasses. We eliminate any existing spiders, de-web your eaves and patio furniture to remove any egg sacs that may be around and then leave a residual barrier to prevent any re-infestation. Spiders throw a web up in the air called "ballooning" that allows them to land on rooves and high trees and find ways into your home. Most spiders have numerous egg sacs, many containing hundreds of spiders per sac! The brown widow spider produces up to 12 "spikey" egg sacs or more that can contain 300 in each. These spiders are deadly to those more susceptible to spider venom and especially children 6 and under due to the toxicity compared to body weight. Feel rest assured that you and your family are protected with a barrier that attempts to alleviate you and your loved ones from bites and emergency rooms.


Rodent Control

Dealing with Roof, Tree, Norway Rats, and Mice can be exceptionally difficult and hazardous. Rodents can carry more than 20 different diseases that are harmful or deadly to humans. The Haunta virus, Murine Typhus, Rat-bite fever, Salmonella, Leptospirosis, and Eosinophilic Meningitis are exceptionally dangerous diseases that can be eliminated quickly with proper methods. The key to rodents is "rodent-proofing" the house also called exclusion. Once all access holes are closed, we use live traps to catch the rodents quickly and avoid the horrible smell coming from your walls accompanied by the use of poisons. We place bait boxes on the exterior of the home to "pick off" the next wave to prevent any from chewing new holes in your home. Rodents have very greasy fur and leave rub marks, smells, and droppings to serve as a “GPS” device for the next rodent to navigate through your home.

Rat on a Counter

Bee Control

The queen can produce up to 2,000 new bees a day! A swarm is created when a well-established hive becomes overpopulated. So the monarch queen leaves the hive and takes a portion of the colony with her. A swarm consists of anywhere from 2,000 to 4,000 bees. These bees are looking for a place to create a new hive. They can become very dangerous if approached or provoked. Do not try to remove the swarm or disturb it in any way. If a swarm of honeybees lands anywhere on your property you should have it professionally removed immediately due to the fact that the swarm could create a hive within your structure. We will remove all bees, seal any entry points, and remove the hive if applicable to prevent re-infestation of a new colony or potential infestation of other insects using the honeycomb as a food source. This service is also available for wasps, hornets, and mud daubers.

Bee on a Flower

Contact us in San Diego, California, at (844) 430-8584 for information about our general pest extermination and rodent control services.