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It's A Bad Day To Be A Bug!

Our business is well known for using environmentally friendly methods. We use the lowest impact methods to solve pest issues and work up from there. We have perfected the "Barrier Method" which puts several barriers between your home and fence-line, stopping insects before they can get in and begin reproducing. We treat your foundation, doors, windows, and any areas that are conducive of insect infestations. We offer many recommendations to create an environment insects cannot survive in. Diligence and knowledge are what makes us stand out from other pest control companies.

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- Have the BEST training in the industry -
- We are experts concerning all pests and their biologies, which enable us to develop the most effective treatment programs. -
- We use the most advanced techniques and latest products to alleviate any pest problem. -
- We are committed to customer satisfaction. -
- 100% Guarantee -
- We de-web your eaves, patio furniture, fence-line, and window sills (home beautification) as needed. -
- We offer convenient text, email, and/or phone notifications. -

Contact us in San Diego, California, at (844) 430-8584 to inquire about our free inspections.

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"Say goodbye to your ant problem.

We had a severe ant infestation that wouldn't go away. Borax and sugar solutions would temporarily solve the problem, but in the end, the ants would reappear, so we decided to get a professional to get rid of them.

Jeff of Countywide Pest Pros came out and assessed our ant problem. He then provided me an estimate with several treatment options. After the first treatment, there have been no signs of any ants or silverfish in the house; I'm impressed. Thank you Countywide!"
Frank B.

About Us

We began Countywide Pest Pros to provide efficient, knowledgeable, low-cost pest control services to our community. Our business has low overhead, which means we are able to pass the savings on to you. Whether you need assistance with ants, spiders, bees, roaches, or rats, we have you covered with 100% guarantee. We treat for over 1300 different pests, bugs, and insects! We offer many types of service plans to not only fit your desired protection level but your budget as well. Most problems can be solved without even treating the inside of the home! One stop shop for all your pest control issues.


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