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Countywide Pest Pros

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Eco-Friendly Service Option

Pest control is typically associated with deadly poisons and noxious chemicals. Another reason we stand out from other pest control companies is that we offer the true ECO products using a combination of peppermint and clove oil. No pesticides in it at all! Our company practices methods of Integrated Pest Management, which requires a healthy knowledge of pests, their life-cycle, and breeding habits. Utilizing this method reduces the need for pesticides and reflects our commitment to maintaining an environmentally safe way of keeping pests where they belong - in nature, and not your home.
An alternative method to this option we offer, utilizes the traditional materials outside and the Eco-smart materials on the inside. This allows for maximum protection on the exterior and pesticide-free protection on the inside! We know our stuff!
For those that are interested in selecting our ECO options, we *highly* recommend and offer a great priced monthly service plan, since the materials used are natural and only maintain their effectiveness from 3 to 4 weeks. It's ALL natural!!