Countywide Pest Pros

Countywide Pest Pros

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It's a bad day to be a bug!!!


Bonded and Insured 4 times the state requirement

Licensed in the state of California


Service Agreements

Monthly - We come to service and/or treat every month. You should have little to no pest interference with this plan. We *HIGHLY* recommend this option for anyone interested in our ECO materials since they are all natural. We also recommend this service for those experiencing rodent problems. 

Alternate Monthly - We come to service and/or treat every other month. This plan is a great balance of protection and price, while still allowing us the ability to maintain our barriers. We also recommend this plan for those experiencing rodent problems, but do not desire monthly service. 

Countywide Seasonal - We treat alternate monthly during the summer months when activity is highest, then switch to quarterly treatments during the winter, or cooler months, when pest activity tends to slow down. We offer this option for those that desire a plan in-between our alternate monthly and quarterly services. 

Quarterly - We treat every three months. This plan is perfect for those budget-minded people with mild insect problems. We do *not* recommend trying to maintain bait stations with this plan. It is difficult to place enough bait in the bait stations to accommodate the time in-between services.